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Surveying and Modelling Services

Technical Surveys and Models for Construction, Architecture, Manufacturing, Engineering

Cloud-Conversion offers a range of technical surveying and modelling services. We work with many industries requiring highly accurate and detailed design plans and access to point cloud models. Our surveying expertise, numerous capabilities, and use of the latest equipment ensure you receive the key information and documentation you need at an affordable price. By working with us you also avoid the costs associated with specialist equipment hire or purchase.

Our Services

Our construction survey services range from 3D laser scanning and topographical surveys to clash detection and BIM and CAD modelling. We are therefore perfectly placed to deliver the survey results and models you need to create detailed plans and anticipate faults and risks before work commences. Our construction survey services include:

Our Capabilities

We provide architecture, construction, engineering, and manufacturing professionals with the most accurate and detailed technical information possible. This is thanks to our range of surveying and modelling capabilities, which include:

Why Choose Cloud-Conversion?

Because we offer only the best construction survey services.

The Cloud-Conversion team are highly experienced in a variety of surveying and modelling techniques. Our experts make sure you receive the best service and information for your project. We use the latest 3D scanning and surveying equipment, in addition to cutting-edge CAD and BIM conversion software, to provide the in-depth maps and models you need.

Our work is also innovative and flexible, as we understand each project comes with unique requirements and obstacles. Furthermore, we know how to choose the best equipment for each task, providing the right technical kit for on-site surveys. This means you don’t have to try and make your resources fit an unsuitable application or hire equipment you are not familiar with using.

Would you like more information on the construction survey services and capabilities we can offer you? Get in touch to discuss your project and surveying requirements with a member of our team.

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