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Our Services

Find out how our multi-disciplinary team can help you... 

Want to know what lies below the surface? We use top of the range underground utility detection equipment to accurately map out any sub-surface services. 

​Underground Utility GPR Surveying
Laser Scanning

If you want highly accurate 3D measurement and surveying of your existing assets, buildings and landscapes, ask about our laser scanning services and how they integrate with your project.  

We can produce millimetre accurate 3D models of your existing structures, whether it’s buildings, infrastructure, bridges or more. 

BIM Modelling
Topographic Land Surveyor

We produce highly accurate drawings of topographic and man-made features of a site, such as buildings, ground levels, boundaries, and other features – using optical-measured robotic survey equipment.  

We can produce fully 3D models and pipe networks of services and topography showing the 3D real-world locations of structures, utilities and other surface and sub-surface features at your site. 

Autodesk Civil 3D
CCTV Drainage Inspection

If you’re having an issue with your drainage, ask about our CCTV inspection services. We can produce a PDF report to MSCC5 standards highlighting any issues within your pipes. 

Drone data is more accurate than ever, and the latest drones can be used to create high-accuracy Civil 3D, Revit and topographical drawings.

Wingtra Drone
Rebar Ferro Scanner

We can use GPR equipment to accurately scan and perform real-time analysis of concrete structures for identifying subsurface ferro (rebar) reinforcement. 

We can take your building design and create key points and guide markers to ensure accurate construction takes place in a precise location. 

We also offer precision levelling surveys using a sub-millimetre digital levels, giving you precision level information for your site. 

Setting Out / Levelling
Cloud Conversion Photos-76.jpg

We can accurately measure and map out the details of underwater terrain including, lakes, rivers and estuaries. 

Monitoring Tool

We monitor and measure any changes or movements in your assets and structures over time and can produce detailed reports, heat maps and more. 

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