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Drone Surveys

Wingtra Drone Operator
Topographic 6 KM Route.tif

What is this service?

Survey drones fly above the ground and use image sensors combined with accurate GPS positioning to capture centimetre accurate topographical data and high-quality images. Drones cover a large area much quicker than standard survey equipment, so is useful for surveying large, difficult to access, and open spaces. Drone surveying can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveying. 

The range of work we can use drones for includes: 

  • 3D site exploration without the need for on-site visits. 

  • Highly efficient and accurate topographical surveying. 

  • Roof surveys. 

  • Volumetric surveying of earthworks and stockpiles. 

  • Aerial videos and images to use in planning applications. 


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