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Drone Surveys

drone surveys

Performing highly accurate drone surveys has become a cornerstone of successful technical surveying work.

Drones are able to capture detailed photogrammetric data in areas that were previously hard to reach and could even be dangerous for personnel, such as railways, quarries, and bridges. Because of this, drone surveys have opened up new avenues of exploration and calculation. This has only served to help architects, engineers, and construction companies gain access to better quality data modelling, safety awareness, and risk management.

Cloud-Conversion use the latest drone technology to ensure our drone surveys – and the 2D/3D maps and 3D models they can produce – are always ahead of the curve. The tried-and-tested models we use come from reputable manufacturers, such as the SenseFLY albris. Construction planning, projects, and monitoring all benefit from drone surveying. We can provide stakeholders with the vital environmental and structural data needed in the formats you require.

Drone Surveys allow us to access remote and even hazardous areas for mapping and modelling work. We can produce photographic data with an accuracy of up to 6mm per pixel.

Drones are particularly useful and convenient for progress and movement monitoring; essentially, drones can provide beneficial information at each stage of a construction project, while minimising safety issues and risk.

Before construction: At the design and planning stages of your project, drones are handy in various ways. For example, we can use drones to survey the topography of a site, aid safety inspections, and capture hi-res still, thermal, and video imagery for planning applications.

During construction: Drones provide useful volumetric data for construction projects, measuring earthworks and stockpile volumes over time.

After construction: A drone can be used to monitor the quality and safety of a construction project after work is done. Using set flight paths, drones can document any changes to structures and landscape, such as building deformation or coastal erosion.

Drone Survey Applications

Drone surveys are suitable for any task requiring aerial and remote survey work, whether you need to monitor ongoing construction work or explore high-risk areas in 3D without having to put anyone in the field. All of our aerial drone data can be converted to the visual formats you require, including BIM models, 2D CAD drawings, ArcGIS maps, and Digital Terrain Models.

Because our drones can produce up to 6mm per pixel accuracy, you lose very little in terms of detail in choosing this surveying method over ground-level instruments. This means our work has a wide range of applications suitable for construction, architectural, and engineering planning work where accuracy and quality are critical.

The range of work we can use drone surveys for includes:

  • 3D site exploration without the need for on-site visits.
  • Highly efficient topographical surveying.
  • Movement monitoring for deformation, erosion, and subsidence.
  • Aerial drainage surveys.
  • Volumetric surveying of earthworks and stockpiles.
  • Aerial videos and images to use in planning applications.

Drone Surveys

To find out more about Cloud-Conversion’s drone survey services or to obtain a no-obligation quote, phone us on 01226 447239 or email enquiries@cloud-conversion.com. Alternatively, head to our contact page.

drone surveys - SenseFLY Albris

SenseFLY albris Drone: Technical Overview

  • 180 degrees vertical range of motion and 6x digital zoom.
  • Switch video imagery types during the same flight (HD and thermal) and capture hi-res images on demand.
  • Advanced situational awareness with navcams and sensors; ideal for close-proximity operation.
  • Flight modes: autonomous GPS-guided mapping or live-stream interactive flight.
  • Shock absorbent carbon-fibre shrouding for superior durability.
  • Mapping capabilities: horizontal, around point of interest, panorama, cylinder, custom.
Drone Surveys
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Cloud-Conversion use the latest drone technology to ensure our drone surveys – and the 2D/3D maps and 3D models they can produce – are always ahead of the curve.