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Reverse Engineering with Laser Scanning

Reverse Engineering with Laser Scanning

The reverse engineering process (also known as back engineering) involves deconstructing an object or tool to determine its design and how it was created when other avenues of knowledge and data about the piece are not available. This is important for objects that are no longer available from the original manufacturers that need recreating/replacing. Back engineering is a useful process for a range of applications, including engineering, architecture, construction, automotive, aviation, and manufacturing.

Reverse Engineering with a Laser Scanner

Laser scanning has made it much easier and more accurate to reverse engineer objects and even entire structures, as this process allows surveyors to capture vast amount of point cloud data very rapidly for impressively fast workflows. Surveyors can easily understand and replicate obsolete products, systems and equipment. We can even enhance or improved upon them with the dense point clouds available to us from a laser scanner.

The Benefits of Reverse Engineering

With the reverse engineering process, you can prolong the lifespan of equipment. This becomes the case even when parts and tools are no longer available from the manufacturers. Creating replacements parts with back engineering will ultimately save you money. This is because you can swap out a small part instead of having to replace an entire system. Furthermore, you can create a digital record of your products, or analyse the products of a competitor, with detailed 3D models and polyface mesh models.

Using 3D laser scanning for reverse engineering carries further benefits. The resulting models for replacement creation will be as detailed and accurate to the original as possible. You can also make improvements and augmentations upon the original part. This is because it is easy to manipulate 3D solid and mesh models created with point cloud data.

Reverse Engineering Surveyors

The Cloud-Conversion surveyor team can use the back engineering process to model and analyse a variety of objects and structures. We can also undertake part and tool recovery through 3D modelling. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the applications of reverse engineering and how we can help.