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GPR Survey Tools – What They Are, How They Are Useful, And How to Find the Best Company for The Role

A GPR survey can be used in a wide variety of scenarios and industries throughout the world. From engineering to archaeology, in law enforcement and in Earth sciences, this sophisticated geophysical method is non-destructive and versatile enough to create images of the subsurface of a whole range of media, including rock, soil, water, ice, buildings and pavements. Often used in conjunction with a CAT survey, a GPR survey is an important method of developing an idea of the conditions below ground on a building site in preparation for excavation, drilling, piling, or other construction processes. Here, we take a closer look at how it works and what can be achieved.

When Do You Need GPR Capabilities from A Qualified Utility Surveyor?

A GPR survey uses ground-penetrating radar to image what’s below the surface on a particular building site. In simple terms, radar pulses of electromagnetic energy are emitted into the ground. Whenever these pulses encounter an object, a gap, or a difference in material density below the surface, they are reflected or refracted back to the surface at a different speed. GPR can detect a range of underground disturbances, including metals and non-metals, making it far more effective than other, more traditional electromagnetics tracing and location methodologies. An antenna receives and records any variations in the returning signal and maps underground features on a three-dimensional map that can be used by planners and construction workers to guide them as they carry out their work. But why is this important? Understanding what lies below the ground’s surface can help construction companies plan more effectively as they prepare to build. A GPR utility survey can avoid risks to workers and costly delays that can be caused by hitting or otherwise damaging existing infrastructure such as utilities pipes, fibre optic cables and drainage pipes. Such a 3D GPR survey also enables the construction industry to identify a whole range of other buried structures, previous basements or foundations, underwater storage tanks, shafts and even unexploded bombs. All of these features might interfere with the progress and therefore the profitability of a building project if they remain unidentified at the outset. But at first glance, using GPR can look expensive. Why is GPR better in the long run than previous methods?

The Benefits of Using GPR Survey Companies for Your Construction Project

When planning a construction project, many in the industry rely on existing plans or design drawings from past work on the site. The issues with these are various. Firstly, there’s the challenge of ensuring you have all relevant plans, derived from a range of different sources, and combining them to provide one overall picture of what is underground. This can be time-consuming and awkward to achieve. Secondly, these plans might be missing or not necessarily be up-to-date, and so excavation might still be required to confirm the findings. Hiring experienced GPR survey companies can remove the element of surprise – and the knock-on effects of delay and extra cost – from the outset. A GPR ground survey helps provide a complete picture of what lies below the surface without excavation, which is costly in terms of money and time. It is almost completely silent, avoiding noise pollution and disruption to neighbouring buildings and their occupants and making it ideal for urban projects. Next, as noted, technological developments mean that GPR can quickly and accurately penetrate a wider variety of materials than ever and develop a precise indication of exactly what lies where in the subsurface. This helps construction companies identify exactly what work needs to be done in each area, reducing otherwise unnecessary or precautionary work. This cuts the cost of projects and ensures a better return on investment in the longer term. By the same token, it will also identify areas, for instance, where soil is loose or prone to erosion, allowing steps to be taken to prevent slippage and other risks during the project, again saving time, money and inconvenience.

The Advantages of Choosing the Right GPR Survey Services for Your Project

Having identified that a GPR survey is best for your project, there are two options: carrying out the work yourself or hiring in a dedicated survey company. The latter is often the better option, particularly if you do not already have the requisite skills in-house. Employing a team of experts for your project means that you will have the right expertise to carry out your GPR survey efficiently, effectively, and to your required timescale. Using a company with a good track record in the field, with experience and state of the art equipment also means that the results and measurements you achieve are more likely to be accurate and useable, saving money later in the excavations and construction phase. Moreover, using outsourced expertise reduces costs further by preventing the need for your company to hire or buy specialist equipment. To find the right company offering surveying and modelling services, evaluate the expertise they possess. Can they demonstrate that they have been working in this field for an appropriate amount of time and that their staff have the right qualifications? Ask about the range of projects they have worked on. You need to know that they have experience in a similar field to your own. A company that has carried out work for a range of industries, including construction, architecture, manufacturing, and engineering, is likely to bring valuable guidance and insight into what methodologies are most appropriate for your project. One company that offers expertise and quality in GPR survey services and more is Cloud-Conversion Ltd.

Cloud-Conversion Ltd Offers Accurate, Efficient GPR Survey Services to Help You Cut Project Costs

Embarking on a construction or other project that relies on knowledge of what’s under the ground surface without having a GPR survey can prove to be a false economy. At the same time, though, you want to keep costs down as much as possible. At Cloud-Conversion Ltd, we understand the need to balance the budget, so we offer expert yet cost effective services that provide real value for money. If you’d like us to show you how our GPR surveying methods can help your project, you can find more details on our services throughout our website at, or contact us via email at for a quote tailored precisely to your requirements.