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Dimensional Control Surveyor – What is a Dimensional Control Survey

A Dimensional Control Surveyor applies precise survey techniques to accurately measure points within 3-Dimensional spaces to determine the distance between the points. This enables the creation of digitally plotted objects and their relationship to each other within their 3D space. The objects surveyed are positioned relative to a design co-ordinate system, enabling easy comparison with the original design (verification of new fabrications), or to tie in with existing items. They are often carried out in conjunction with a 3D Laser Scanning Survey.

Dimensional Control for 3D As-Built Models and 3rd Party Verification Surveys

Dimensional control surveys are incredibly useful for providing highly accurate data for 3D as-built models, which accurately detail all the items within a defined 3D space. It is the ideal platform on which to base any design, as well as clash check a completed design.

A Dimensional Control Surveyor can create a 3D model of existing pipework, steel, vessels and other elements for purposes of clash detection, whether this be for general repair orders, the designing of new pipework and plant, or purely for asset management. Where necessary models can also include accurate flange tie-in point information. This includes flange size and rating, bolt hole rotations and face of flange deviations. Using this information, we can red-line existing or design drawings, providing designers with all the information they need for future scopes of work. This reduces the time and cost of having designers visit the site.

With third party verification surveys carried out by a Dimensional Control Surveyor, Cloud-Conversion can act as an independent party for your project. We can confirm whether newly fabricated pipe/steelwork has been manufactured to the correct dimensions. By proving this correctness before shipment you will be omitting the need for any on-site corrections or modifications. Such changes often involve cutting/welding and hot-work permits – and therefore downtime. With a verification survey you can avoid these costly delays. Our experienced personnel have carried out third party verification surveys on a range of fabrications from small single pipes to entire platform jackets.

Specific Advantages of Using Dimensional Control In Construction and Beyond

But how does dimensional control in construction and other industries do this? It works by gathering field data through the use of electronic laser measuring tools that are highly flexible in their design. The equipment used can be mounted either on a tripod or structural parts of a building, for instance, to measure distances quickly and accurately. Because it is small, versatile, and extremely mobile, the objects needing surveying can be measured in situ. The equipment can also be used in extremely tight spaces, so saving project managers time and money by removing the need to extract parts from the overall structure. And dimensional control services worldwide enhance the safety and efficiency of projects by reducing the need for work such as cutting and welding parts to fit on-site in dangerous conditions (known as β€˜hot work’). This is particularly of value to companies working in the oil and gas industry.

Why Choose A Dimensional Control Surveyor From Cloud-Conversion Ltd?

So now you understand the capabilities and advantages of using a dimensional control surveyor, it’s time to select the best company for the job in hand. Look no further than Cloud-Conversion Ltd. We understand that every project is unique, and we deal with each client on this basis. Not only do we have the experience to advise on the best methods of surveying and modelling for your individual project, we also have the expertise to tailor our services precisely to your requirements. Furthermore, our state of the art 3D scanning and surveying equipment brings precision and quality to the results we deliver. Contact us on 01226 447239 or via our website at https://www.cloud-conversion.com for more details today.