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Dimensional Control

Dimensional Control

Cloud-Conversion offer bespoke dimensional control survey packages to our customers, as part of our 3D laser scanning and overall surveying services for the oil and gas, chemical, automotive and other engineering industries. Our dimensional control capabilities allow give our clients peace of mind throughout the whole of their engineering project. From the accurate acquisition of the data on which a design is based, to the final checks of the fabricated items, our clients can be sure everything has been done to ensure a first time fit.

Dimensional Control Surveyor Services

Our dimension control surveyor services include, but are not limited to, 3D as-built surveys, third party verification surveys, and closing spools. We also offer specialist services such as ovality surveys and setting out.

3D As-Built Surveys

Dimensional control surveys are incredibly useful for providing highly accurate data for 3D as-built models. An as-built model accurately details all the items within a defined 3D space. It is the ideal platform on which to base any design, as well as clash check a completed design.

Using dimensional control, we can create a 3D model of existing pipework, steel, vessels, and other elements for purposes of clash detection, whether this be for general repair orders, the designing of new pipework and plant, or purely for asset management. Where necessary, models can also include accurate flange tie-in point information. This includes flange size and rating, bolt hole rotations and face of flange deviations.

Using this information, we can red-line existing or design drawings, providing designers with all the information they need for future scopes of work. This reduces the time and cost of having designers visit the site themselves.

We usually create as-built models in the following formats, but can readily adapt to any other specific client needs:

Dimensional Control for Tank Ovality and Deformation Survey
  • Auto-CAD: with a CAD model we can detail basic shape geometry for clash detection, with all destruct pipework and supporting steel modelled precisely.
  • Revit: the benefits of Revit models include the parametric, auto placement of pipe fittings and connections – this is ideal for design work, as you can easily select components of the same type and replace with newer updated ones, with one-click scheduling. By using Revit, we offer the ability to take the standard 3D as-built survey and make it:
    • 4D = adding time to 3D.
    • 5D = adding of costs, e.g. costs of materials.
    • 6D = adding aspects such as the project lifecycle.

All these aspects of Revit modelling are perfect for development projects and also asset management, which is why many of our clients have benefited from our BIM services in this respect.

Third Party Verification Surveys

With third party verification surveys, including dimensional control, Cloud-Conversion can act as an independent party for your project. We can confirm whether newly fabricated pipe/steelwork has been manufactured to the correct dimensions. By proving the dimensional correctness before shipment, you will be omitting the need for any on-site corrections or modifications. Such changes often involve cutting/welding and hot-work permits – and therefore downtime. With a verification survey, you can avoid these costly delays.

Closing Spool Surveys

It is common practice to delay the fabrication of one spool when installing new pipework systems, i.e. the “closing spool” of the run. By surveying the exact position and deviations of the flanges which the closing spool is to fit between, we are able to provide red-line dimensions for a spool that fits first time. After fabrication, we would recommend Cloud-Conversion carry out an independent third party verification survey. This ensures the replacement/new pipework is within tolerance.

Speciality Surveys using Dimensional Control

Given the wide-ranging nature of engineering work and applications, there are many other areas that can benefit from dimensional control specialists. The types of survey and surveying work we can undertake include:

  • Tank deformation/ovality surveys – showing deviations against a theoretical profile of a tank or other known shape tank.
  • Setting out steel/pipework on complex shapes such as deck and existing framework.
  • Other various surveys tailored to meet your needs.

Dimensional Control Services

Want to find out more about the dimensional control survey services we can offer for your project? Get in touch with the Cloud-Conversion team for a chat or to book an appointment.