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BIM Modelling Services – What Are They?

BIM modelling services are used by construction companies, engineers, and architects to redesign, extend, and remodel existing buildings. BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. It is an advanced form of intelligent 3D modelling. It accurately and precisely captures (usually through the use of a 3D laser scanning survey) the dimensions and layout of an existing building. The results enable companies and professionals to design new and additional structures and enable them to see how proposed modifications will impact and fit with existing structures. This ensures there are no clashes with project design plans. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

What Benefits Will A Building Surveyor Gain from BIM Modelling?

Any technology that shortens the length of time a project takes to complete, and which reduces complexity and the risk of miscommunication should be welcomed. BIM modelling is one such piece of technology. Let’s begin by looking at the different benefits that are associated with 3D BIM services. Firstly, you need to consider the abundance of information that is easily accessible regarding project sites today. Mapping tools have become incredibly advanced, meaning designers, surveyors, engineers, and such like benefit from all the data inputted and shared in a model in a manner that paper would never be able to capture. Businesses can also reduce fragmentation with 3D BIM modelling services. Before this technology was utilised, getting a truly global view of a project was a challenge. There would be thousands of unconnected documents in play. With BIM, communication and collaboration becomes a breeze. You can also access the model anywhere at any time. BIM modelling services also allow for perfect presentations. The model is the ideal communication tool when you need to convey the scope, steps, and outcomes of a project. You can also dive into the detail too. The model acts as an exceptional end point, bringing together a wealth of knowledge that has been transferred from numerous sources. However, it also always you share more traditional aspects of project planning with those on your team, providing easy access to plans, elevations, and sections, as well as additional reports. With customisation and automation features, these sheets can easily be added, which saves you considerable drafting time.

Sequence Your Steps and Have Full Control with Structural BIM Services

The benefits of BIM drafting services do not end there. Such services also enable you to sequence your steps, delivering a predictable route to the expected outcome. You and your team are able to see all the potential outcomes of the different completion routes and take the one that best fits the intended outcomes, available expertise, and project constraints. You can also resolve any conflict quicker and more cost effectively. This is because structural BIM services help to automate clash detection of elements, for example, ductwork running into a beam or electrical conduit. By modelling these elements first, you can make sure that there is early detection of such clashes so that the possibility of expensive on-site clashes is lowered considerably. Another benefit associated with BIM is that there is an increasing number of tools for simulation, which enable designers and other professionals to visualise elements such as the sunlight throughout various seasons or to quantify the building energy performance calculation. Changes are easy to make and to explain at this stage as the different outcomes can be seen by everyone involved, rather than needing to be visualised individually. Finally, BIM services also enable businesses and professionals to maintain control, as well as reducing the need for constant duplication of drawings and rework for various building disciplines and requirements. As you can see, the benefits of finding a company for BIM modelling are extensive. However you can only reap these rewards if you choose a business with care.

Choosing A Company for Revit BIM Services

Today, there are a number of different companies on the market providing BIM modelling services. Not all the companies that are available will have the skills and experience your project requires, and so you need to choose with care. You need to make sure that those working for the company have a considerable amount of experience in BIM modelling. They need to understand the sector you are working in, whether you are in the middle of an architectural project, engineering project, or construction project. You also need to make sure that they understand and complete their work to the PAS 1192 standards that are in place. Take the time to read reviews that have been left by previous clients to see what they have had to say about the company you are considering. While the company’s own website is a good place to start, independent review websites should also always form part of this process as you can be sure all the comments left are authentic. You should also ask to take a look at some of the work the company has done so far. All companies of good standing will have portfolios that you can access and will be able to answer any questions that you may have. This gives you an understanding of the level of quality they provide. One company that ticks all the boxes is Cloud-Conversion Ltd who also offers Revit BIM services and provide Revit training courses throughout the UK.

The Best BIM Modelling Services from Cloud-Conversion Ltd

If you are interested in BIM modelling services, look no further than Cloud-Conversion Ltd. We may have only been formed in 2012 but the people behind our company have more than 30 years of experience in engineering, architecture, and construction sectors. We offer a full scan to BIM service, which accounts for every stage required to product BIM models of an industry-standard. Depending on your needs, we can incorporate systems and facilities management information, MEP elements, structural steelwork and bracings, and highly accurate digital terrain models. Contact us today on 01226 447239 or explore our website at for more information.