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Laser Scanning Surveying

3D Laser Scanning Surveying Services

3D laser scanning surveying is a highly effective form of technology for measured building and land surveying.

A 3D laser scanner can make multiple measurements in quick succession. It then produces geometrically accurate image data by reflecting laser beam signals from a surface or object. By utilising the latest laser scanning technologies, a surveyor can capture very dense point clouds (comprising of millions of connected points) in mere minutes. This rapid form of survey measurement ensures minimal disruption; it also eliminates the need for multiple site visits, for your safety and convenience.

3D Laser Scanning Survey Services

Cloud-Conversion uses several high specification laser scanning machines from reputable manufacturers, including Faro, Trimble, and Leica, to perform 3D imaging surveys for a variety of clients. We possess a wealth of 3D laser scanning survey experience, therefore we can choose the best laser scanner for the task at hand. This is because one laser scanner cannot effectively fit every requirement of complex industrial applications!

Our 3D laser scanning surveys ensure you are not limited to one model. This means you can avoid the costly process of hiring a laser scanner, while also benefiting from our team’s technical knowledge and expertise.

Laser Scanning Surveying Applications

The applications of 3D laser scanning surveys are open-ended. Our laser survey work, however, is highly represented in the construction, architectural, manufacturing, and engineering fields. Our clients could be looking to produce architectural plans, perform structural engineering work, undertake health and safety planning, monitor landscape changes, or modify an existing building or structure. In all these cases and more, Cloud-Conversion can deliver the 3D data you need. In addition, the datasets and models we create can be tailored to your requirements.

We can produce a variety of accurate and reliable datasets. These include 3D surface and solid models, 2D drawings, AutoCAD drawings, Revit® and other BIM models, and fully intelligent plant models using laser scanner technology. We are proud to go the extra mile in providing all the data and analysis you need. As a result, 3D laser scanning really is the ideal technology for identifying potential issues and increasing procedural safety.

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Laser Scanning Surveying

To find out more about Cloud-Conversion’s 3D laser scanning services or obtain a no-obligation quote, you can phone us on 01226 447239 or email enquiries@cloud-conversion.com. Alternatively, head to our contact page to fill out an enquiry form.

3D laser scanning surveying
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3D laser scanning surveying is a highly effective form of technology for measured building and land surveying.